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Brian Massey

More on language: I entered a Washington Mutual branch here in fair Austin to use their ATM. After the usual insertion of the card and typing of the PIN the screen asked me "Could we provide you with a printed receipt?" My choices were "Sure" and "No thank you." I had to stop at the unusually "served" feeling I felt.

Then something extraordinary happened. The screen telling me how much they were going to charge me for the transaction never appeared. I took my money and wandered into the branch just to confirm that they don't charge for ATM usage.

I don't have an account there. They just don't charge.

Suddenly, I'm wondering "Shouldn't I bank here?"

David Paull

Brain - thanks for sharing that story and I think the answer to your question is yes, you should bank there. They went out of there way to make you feel good and appreciated (even though you are not YET a customer). That kind of behavior needs to be rewarded. Switch and praise the hell out of them while you do it.

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